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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Giant Paper Airplanes and a Sapphire.

(The preparations rage on for the Behind Sapphire music video.)

The Recipe... (Thanks to my brother Tristan for the pictures)
#1 Cardboard from the recycling depot and from Opus.

#2 Paper the edges to hide the corrugation.

#3 Three coats of wall paint. (Surreptitiously stolen from dad's stash.)

#4 A living room full of giant stuff drying.

#5 Let your little brother test out your creations. Of course as Tristan was running around the yard with a giant paper plane the neighbors came out to ask when we were testing it from the roof.

More to come...
Here are the two videos produced using these props. Check them out:


Sarah Ella Bastien said...

Awesome! Happy flying! I mean filming!

Unknown said...

beautiful work!
Amazings photos.

keep it up!

tunamunaluna said...

these are amazing. i totally want a huge paper plane!

cosimo said...

good job. I'd like to build it for my son, could you tell me the size of the plane? thank you