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Monday, May 30, 2011

Catching Frogs on a Sunday Afternoon(click the image to go to my Vimeo account for best quality)

My brother, my nephew and a couple of my friends went out frog catching to see what specimens we could identify. I brought my Canon 7D along to practice shooting and to test out a couple of lenses I picked up for ten dollars at Value Village. (Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.7 and Zenit Helios 58mm F2 mounted with a modified body cap.) After this test, I feel pretty happy with not having spent a couple thousand dollars on new lenses. See for yourself.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Portrait of the Strange and Wonderful Author Neil Gaiman

Sick at home today, so I figured I'd muck-around in Photoshop.
Been Reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere...feeling inspired.
It looks a lot better big so click.
Oh and if Neil happens to be reading this, I would be more than okay with doing art for you... haha!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Said The Whale Visit Bowen Island!

Said The Whale Visit Bowen Island! from Adrien Deggan on Vimeo.

Kai Wiese (grade 8) approached the lead singer of the band, Ben Worcester, as he walked out of work. Kai asked him for a moment of his time and presented him with a poster covered with IPS student signatures and Royal Seed photos. He invited the band, on behalf of his classmates, to come to Bowen to help them raise money for their Ghanian pen pals (through our grassroots non profit Bowen Shares)

Who would have imagined they would accept - especially after their recent Juno award.

But Said the Whale said YES.

Here is the short film segment I put together!