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Monday, May 9, 2011

Said The Whale Visit Bowen Island!

Said The Whale Visit Bowen Island! from Adrien Deggan on Vimeo.

Kai Wiese (grade 8) approached the lead singer of the band, Ben Worcester, as he walked out of work. Kai asked him for a moment of his time and presented him with a poster covered with IPS student signatures and Royal Seed photos. He invited the band, on behalf of his classmates, to come to Bowen to help them raise money for their Ghanian pen pals (through our grassroots non profit Bowen Shares)

Who would have imagined they would accept - especially after their recent Juno award.

But Said the Whale said YES.

Here is the short film segment I put together!

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Patrick Leyendecker said...

your video is a good mood maker.