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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stop Motion Animation Set for the short film called The Prisoner

The Prisoner (Trailer) from Adrien Deggan on Vimeo.

All the walls are removable to allow easy access for the camera. I built them out of thin plywood, shaped foam, stones from the beach and lots of plaster and paint. For the detail in the foam I used a hot iron to carve it out. That was a lot of fun however I would suggest doing this outdoors. The fumes are really unpleasant.

The door I made out of rough cedar and the hings out of hammered out nails. The rust is authentic. I simply added some acid to accelerate the process.

Detail of the prisoner's bed made from a piece of burlap and dried grasses. You can see on the edge the iron grating I used for the ground. This enabled me to place earth magnets (really strong magnets) underneath the set to anchor the puppet's feet in place.

Detail of the graffiti on the cell wall.

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Abraham Gumba said...

I need to stop planning and start animating.