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Friday, January 14, 2011

Building a Giant Nest With the Deggan Brothers.

This is the giant nest for the music video my photographer friend Amanda Oakes and I are working on for the band Behind Sapphire.
The song I am doing is called Big Steps and it's about growing up....hence the nest, which will appear at the beginning of the video. My little brother Tristan decided he wanted to help out.
This is what we did...

Okay we cheated. We started by using some old fence wire to give us a basic structure.

Then we cleared our friend's and neighbor's yards of sticks...lots of sticks. We didn't receive any protests only a few offers for garden work. The locals started to wonder what we were doing driving around with the car roof rack piled high with sticks.

Slowly we weaved the cedar branches...

The deer showed up to see what we were up to.

Here it is all finished. One big bird's nest! On the day we are going to line the bottom of it with dead leaves.
It's pretty massive. About 2 meters across.

To listen to the song visit Behind Sapphire on Myspace and click on Big Steps.


Sarah Ella Bastien said...

Gorgeous! I want one! Reminds me of Serena's willow sculptures.

Anonymous said...

You're....interesting ;) ! It's awesome... Build another one bigger in your Montacutin's garden next summer?

PS: I love your photographies... And Rudolf. Did he helped you?